Paris is Always a Good Idea

When your friend asks you if it's crazy to take a last minute vacation, you say "No! I'm coming with you." That's exactly what I said when my friend wanted to plan a last minute trip to Paris. My friend is currently working full time and working through her Master's thesis and so she needed a vacation and something to look forward to. I had been feeling pretty burnt out myself and so within the week, we booked our flights to Paris. And to make things better, a third friend joined our crew. So the three of us flew from Washington, DC to Paris to squeeze in a four day break. 

To me, the best thing about Paris is its cafe culture - when you can just order a coffee and sit for hours without anyone rushing you. The wine is cheap and delicious everywhere. And I was thrilled to practice my French. We also walked 9 miles everyday going around to visit sites around the city and took a day trip to Versailles to see its luxury. Check out the photos below.